Secret World: Fucking with Ciritty

Ciritty is a personality in the Secret World community best known for his class guides on the forum. In recognition of this (I suppose), he was given a special item called [Ciritty’s Pink Pony]. I encourage everyone to download this script, personalize it, and use it every time you see him. There’s more than one way to get a pony.

Download: ciritty

Secret World Mods: ASEval

This is a debugging tool for modders.

Back in August 2013 Funcom disabled the /aseval command. There are two ways you can look at that scenario. Either they did it on purpose to prevent people from getting naked or they did it on accident because they just can’t stop breaking things. I lean towards the latter because there was no mention of /aseval in the patch notes and surely there are better ways to prevent naked people than to completely disable one of the two debugging tools modders had. So to help Funcom out, I wrote a mod to replace it. The bad news is that it is not complete. It works for variables and functions, but it can’t pass parameter variables to functions yet. But don’t let that frighten you, even a beginner could add that functionality and I would encourage anyone to do that and release it on Curse or something. As is, it is still useful.

Download: ASEval (Source included)

Link Karma Curio and 10.5 items.

In The Secret World, some groups and raids require players to link items as proof that they possess them. Below are a few item references you can use if you don’t feel like linking your own item. All you need to do is copy them into a script file and then call that script in the relevant chat channel. I’ve also attached a couple of scripts at the bottom as examples.

Piercing Ashes of Fury (10.5)

<a style=”text-decoration:none” href=”itemref://7961530/7962569/7397687/4294967295/e3a1c475:c92c6843:5ce6a454:55faacc9/6ac71b36:dee47ad6:b441411e:4d6e595b/a3caa56b:2cbfe54e:3bbb5cb:8bc50f16″><font color=#d565f8>[Piercing Ashes of Fury]</font></a>

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The End of the Dronepocalypse

On October 31, 2013, Funcom released a hotfix that ended the seemingly neverending tide of Unlabeled Drones that swallowed Agartha, London, and Kingsmouth. This plot, no doubt of Orochi origin, was aborted when the developers modified the “Unlabelled Orochi case” so that it is only usable within the Polaris dungeon.

unlabeled orochi case

The heart of the Orochi plot.

Fortunately, a few brave Secret Worlders conquered their overwhelming terror of the drones long enough to take a few photos of this sordid Orochi plot in progress. The pictures below were posted to the forums.

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Jyrik Gauldurson bug fix

If you are on the quest Under Saarthal or Forbidden Legends, you are required to kill Jyrik Gauldurson. There is a bug that may cause him to never drop his invincibility.
1. Open the console.
2. Click on Jyrik so his alias reference appears at the top of the console window.
3. Type “setav variable07 1”.

Cheat Engine and Alan Wake CTD

If you modify one of the statistics via Cheat Engine or another memory editor, you will most likely corrupt your config file. The next time you run the game, it will CTD after the Remedy logo. The solution is to delete the config file, but by doing so, you will be resetting all the statistics back to zero.

Alan Wake: Could not read from file ‘File residing in memory’ or CTD after Remedy logo

This error is caused by a corruption of config files and the solution varies depending on whether you are using the Steam version or not.


  • Delete the config files in your “Documents\Remedy\AlanWake” folder.


  • Delete the config files in your “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxx\108710” or your equivalent. The “xxx” will be your Steam user id number, so will vary from person to person. FYI: Your Alan Wake save is stored here, also.